The Chocolate Factory

Enjoy a new sweet tournament in our schedule, running Monday to Saturday at 1:15pm Eastern.

Yes we do love Switzerland here at Intertops Poker. It’s not only for the obvious reasons like the famous Swiss chocolate – once you’ve tried some, you will see why this country has become known for its chocolates throughout the world – or for the Alps which include infamous mountains such as the Eiger or the Matterhorn, or even for its gorgeous lakes, small mountain lakes and also bigger ones that are part of cities like Zurich or Geneva.

We love it because this relatively small country is and was the birthplace of many famous inventors and pioneers, including World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee, architect Le Corbusier, Red Cross founder Jean Henri Dunant, DNA discoverer Friedrich Miescher, philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, psychologist Carl Jung or chemical scientist Albert Hofmann.

It’s a country definitely worth visiting, but it’s not cheap so you’d better start playing our tournaments to grab your share of our guaranteed prize amounts!


To register, open the Intertops lobby, click 'Poker' > 'Tournaments' > 'Events'> 'The Chocolate Factory'

The Chocolate Factory
Texas Hold'em NL
Monday to Saturday
starts at: 1:15pm Eastern
(7:15pm CEST)
buy-in: $8+$0.80