Montreal Lunch Date

Get ready for your new date – and no, we are not talking about romantic stuff here, even though you could fall in love!

Instead of wondering what you could do, where you could go and who might accompany you, we make it easy for you and bring you relief from all this unnecessary pressure. From now on you know exactly what to do and where to be.

Your ‘lunch date’ will now keep you busy from Monday to Sunday and reward you with a share of the guaranteed prize money. Receive 3,000 starting chips, with 10 min blind levels, plus the opportunity for re-buys and add-ons if needed. Time to fall in love!

How do I get a seat?

Open the download version of your poker client or start our instant play poker app and visit our tournament lobby. Choose MONTREAL LUNCH DATE and buy your ticket!



Tournament details:

Texas Hold’em NL
running Monday to Sunday

Montreal, Canada

Montreal, the most populous municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec and world’s second largest francophone city after Paris, seems like the beautiful offspring of a union between European charm and North American attitude.

Once home to the First Nations people, this island gem on the magnificent St. Lawrence River in time saw travellers from far and wide. The French colonists were the first to arrive, followed by the English, the Scottish and the Irish. Today, 120 distinct ethnic communities are represented in its population of more than 3.6 million, making Montréal a veritable mosaic of cultures and traditions.