New Freeroll tournament schedule

Enjoy our new freeroll tournament schedule!

“To improve is to change”

We here at Intertops Poker believe in those words, that is why we are always trying to make adjustments and changes to come up with new features and offers – all to make Intertops the Poker and Casino room of your choice!

With this in mind, we would like to introduce you to our new freeroll tournament schedule, starting on November 6th that should suit all of our players irrespective of their time zone.

Instead of three, we now have four freerolls per day, Monday to Friday, every 6 hours, which not only award you tournament tickets, but also guaranteed prize money of $25 for the top 3 players. We will also be offering three ‘extra freerolls’ during the week where every player can fight for his share of $100 GTD!

At the weekend there will be two freeroll tournaments awarding $50 to the top 5 players as well as tournament tickets.

Tickets won from our freeroll tournaments will automatically register you for our ‘$100 GTD – Just One Dollar’ tournament, which will now run twice a day from Monday to Sunday!

Daily Freerolls / Monday to Friday*

7:30am 1:30pm 11:30pm $25 daily workhorse
1:30pm 7:30pm 5:30am $25 daily workhorse
7:30pm 1:30am 11:30am $25 daily workhorse
1:30am 7:30am 5:30pm $25 daily workhorse

The top 3 players receive their share of the $25 GTD prize money. Places 4 to 6 receive a ticket to our ‘$100 GTD Just One Dollar’ tournament.
*depending on your time zone +/- one day

Daily Freerolls / Saturday & Sunday*

9:45am 3:45pm 1:45am $50 weekend warrior
9:45pm 3:45am 1:45pm $50 weekend warrior

The top 5 players receive their share of the $50 GTD prize money. Places 6 to 8 receive a ticket to our ‘$100 GTD Just One Dollar’ tournament.
*depending on your time zone +/- one day

Extra Freerolls

9pm* 3am** 1pm** Grand Central $100 GTD
(*played on Mondays / **played on Tuesdays)
5am* 11am* 9pm* Uluru Sunset $100 GTD
(*all played on Wednesdays)
3pm* 9pm* 7am** The Colosseum $100 GTD
(*played on Fridays / **played on Saturdays)

New daily ‘$100 GTD – Just One Dollar (R&A)’ / Monday to Sunday

10:15am 4:15pm 2:15am $100 GTD – Just One Dollar
10:15pm 4:15am 2:15pm $100 GTD – Just One Dollar


Terms and Conditions for Intertops Poker Freerolls:

  • Freerolls have a maximum amount of players allowed and this maximum amount of players cannot be exceeded. There will be neither compensation nor refunds for not registering in time, failing to unregister, loss of seat or not being able to take part.
  • Tournament tickets won in Freerolls cannot be exchanged nor refunded for cash.
  • Tournament tickets won in Freerolls automatically lose validity when the corresponding tournament/tournaments are changed or cancelled. These tickets will not be refunded.
  • Changes/cancellations of tournaments will be announced.
  • 50% of the Freeroll cash winnings have to be turned over as gross rake, before a player is eligible to withdraw these funds.