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Win a free tournament ticket!

April 1st is looming large so get ready for a day full of tricks, practical jokes and harmless pranks.

Millions of people in homes and offices all over the world spend the morning of April 1st playing practical jokes on each other in the hope of a quick laugh (and to avoid doing work).

We’ve seen it all here, from changed languages on our colleague’s computer to desks covered in sticky notes – that’s why we would like to know what kind of pranks you played on your family, friends and colleagues. Let us know your best April Fool tricks and win a tournament ticket to our Sunday Six Max $200 GTD (R&A), taking place Sundays, at 3:30pm EST.

What you have to do:

Become a fan of our Facebook page and leave your comment below the picture and don’t forget to mention your nickname. Three lucky winners will be chosen randomly and will receive a ticket for the Sunday Six Max $200 GTD (R& A). The promotion ends Wednesday, April 5th. The tournament tickets will be issued in good time and the winners informed by e-mail.

Good luck!

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