Frequent Player Points

When a player is dealt cards at any real money cash game, he/she will earn 1 FPP for every dollar raked. In tournament play, he/she will earn 7 FPPs per dollar in tournament fees paid.


Cash Game: If a table raked $2.35, all players at the table that where dealt cards will earn 2.35 FPPs.

Tournament: If a player registers for a tournament with a buy-in of $50+$5, the fee is the +$5 and the player earns 35 FPPs (7 FPPs x $5 fee = 35 FPP)

Earning Frequent Player Points:

Cash Game: $1 Rake = 1 FPP

Tournament: $1 Fee = 7 FPP

Note: Rakeback players earn FPP’s at half the speed as non-rakeback players.

FPPs for Casino games are only awarded in the games accessible through the poker client.

Earning Rake and Frequent Player Points