Enjoy an increased guaranteed amount and grab your share of $2,500! Sundays, at 7pm EST!

Check out our improved 'Sunday Sundowner' - we have increased the guaranteed prize money again - $4,000 GTD up for grabs!

In addition to our 'The Sundowner' tournaments, which run from Monday to Saturday (EST), we now have a special Sunday version too.

Enjoy an increased guaranteed amount with a reduced buy-in and grab your share of $4,000! You can buy in directly or or qualify through various satellites.

Good luck at the tables and run deep!

Tournament details:

$4,000 Guaranteed (Re-entry)
Sundays, 5:15pm EST
(Sundays, 11:15pm CET / Mondays, 9:15am AEDT)
Tickets: $15 + $1.5 (buy-in + fee)
$10,000 starting stack
15 minutes blinds
3.5 hours late registration

How do I get a seat?

Open your poker client, go the tournament lobby and buy-in directly to the 'The Sunday Sundowner $4,000 GTD' for $15+$1.5; you can also win a seat to this tournament by playing the related satellites.


Time (EST) Time (CET) Time (AEDT) Name Seats
Monday* to Friday*  
8:05pm 2:05am 12:05pm Sunday Sundowner satellite (Turbo R&A) 1 seat gtd
3:05pm 9:05pm 7:05am (+1) Sunday Sundowner satellite (re-entry) 1 seat gtd
Saturday* and Sunday*  
2:05pm 8:05pm 6:05am (+1) Sunday Sundowner satellite (R&A) 2 seats gtd
10:05pm 4:05am 2:05pm Sunday Sundowner (re-entry) 2 seats gtd
      *(depending on your time zone)

For more information just check the offered tourneys in your poker client.

Good luck at the tables!