New $5,000 Sunday GTD

Due to high demand we have pulled out all the stops to bring you the SUNDAY GTD back!

$5,000 are waiting for you on this network wide re-entry tourney with a 10K starting stack structure.

To get a seat you can buy-in directly or just play the related tournaments.

Do not miss this opportunity!

Tournament details:

$5,000 Guaranteed (Re-entry)
Sundays at 7pm EST
$50+$5 Buyin + Fee
10,000 Starting Stack
15 minute blinds
3.5 hours late registration

How do I get a seat?

Buy-in directly to the Sunday GTD or qualify through various satellites.

We are offering at least three tournaments per day and more on Sunday shortly before the start of our Sunday GTD.


TSID Day Time (EST) Name
44917 Sundays 7.00 pm $5,000 Guaranteed (Re-entry)
44922 Daily 4.30 pm $5,000 Satellite (Turbo, Re-entry)
44923 Daily 8.30 pm $5,000 Satellite (Turbo, Re-entry)
44924 Daily 10.30 pm $5,000 Satellite (Turbo, Re-entry)
44928 Fridays 9.30 pm $5,000 Satellite (Deep, Re-entry)
44927 Saturdays 9.30 pm $5,000 Satellite (Deep, Re-entry)
44921 Sundays 4.05 pm $5,000 Satellite - Turbo R&A
44918 Sundays 5.00 pm $5,000 Satellite (Deep, Re-entry)
44919 Sundays 5.30 pm $5,000 Satellite - Turbo R&A
44920 Sundays 6.00 pm $5,000 Satellite (Turbo, Re-entry)
42954 Sundays 6.30 pm $5,000 Satellite (Wild West, Last Chance)
42927 SnG n/a $5,000 GTD Satellite (10-Max, Turbo)
44926 SnG n/a $5,000 GTD Satellite (4-Max, Turbo)
44925 SnG n/a $5,000 GTD Satellite (Heads-up, Turbo)

For more information just check the offered tourneys in your poker client.