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Hope is an inseparable part of playing mobile poker. When the flop comes around, we all wish for the community cards to help us create a winning combination. But alas, that is rarely the case.

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Under normal circumstances, online poker is a game that attracts more attention during the winter months. And as people are required to remain home much more this year, that is truer than ever.

In most cases, believing in yourself and your abilities is a good thing. A high sense of self-worth can take you far in life, but when you play poker online – confidence can easily turn into overconfidence.

You're sitting at a poker table. You get your hole cards, and you wait for the flop to determine the fate of your hand. Is there anything more exciting and nerve-wracking than that?

Poker is a fun game. There is no questioning that. But even though we might want to play 24/7, 365 days a year, we don't always have the privilege to do so.

While each poker player has his own betting style and strategy, we all have one thing in common: the desire to get the highest-ranking hand as often as possible.

Winning cash prizes is a high priority for every poker player, whether a recreational one or aspiring pro.

Anyone who likes to play poker online or offline, knows that your position at the table has a major influence on your betting strategies. That becomes even clearer when you have to deal with blind stealing at the best poker sites.

Who doesn't dream of having the perfect hand when playing online poker? It doesn't matter whether you're risking your own money or using a poker welcome bonus. Either way, people always hope they will be able to win.

Playing poker can teach you a lot of useful skills, some of which you can come in handy from time to time. When you play the game, you can learn all about dedication, attention to details, thinking ahead, and more.

In poker, there are different ways to describe the players. Some are called sharks, others are fishes, and from time to time, you'll encounter a sticky player as well. Who are those sticky players? And how should poker pros handle them? This is what we're here to answer.

In the past few months, multiple scandals plagued the poker online community. And while the news was shocking, people weren’t surprised, as it’s not the first time something like this has happened.

How much thought goes into placing a bet in poker? How thoroughly do you analyze every scenario as you enjoy your  poker no deposit bonuses?

During the summer months, many industries flourish and thrive. But can the same be said about online and mobile poker?

When you play online poker, you might join in on the chat side of games.  The best online poker should be a healthy combination of competition and anonymous camaraderie.  Unfortunately, poker players also like to demean other players.  Maybe it’s just human nature.

There is a popular misconception about some sports and games: the sports and games that don’t require giant muscles and massive bodies are not physically exacting.  Poker is one such game as are chess, bowling, golf, and several others. 

While online poker rules are rather straightforward, the game itself is more complex than you might think.

Samsung just revealed the Galaxy S20 smartphones: their features, and what they will look like, and one thing is clear: the new developments in technology are mind-blowing. Who would have thought that only a couple of decades ago, people had no idea how easy it will be to communicate with one another? And that mobile poker was practically a faraway dream, seemingly unreachable?

Music is everywhere. You hear it when watching TV, going to a restaurant, riding an elevator, and yes – even when you enjoy online poker bonuses.

Online poker is a game that involves a lot of skill and technique. That’s a fact. But sometimes, when you want to make the most of poker no deposit bonuses, poker knowledge is not enough. In some cases, you will need to rely on instincts to win big.

People are creatures of habit. If something works for you the first time, there’s no reason to change your behavioural patterns in similar events, isn’t that right? Wrong! When it comes to online and mobile poker, changing things up is a key element if you want to succeed.

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Every poker enthusiast knows that a lot of effort goes into becoming the best online poker player that ever existed. Apart from learning the ins and outs of the game, you have to work on your mental abilities to excel at online poker.

poker table with two Aces and a King as the flop and poker chips around

When learning how to master the game of poker and how to maximize the benefits of poker no deposit bonuses, most players focus on developing pre-flop techniques. However, learning different strategies for the post-flop stage of the game is just as important.

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When being introduced to online poker, serious players prefer to take things slowly. Smaller bets, less competitive opponents, and a more relaxed environment are important when you learn to play poker online for the first time.

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How much thought have you put into picking out your nickname when joining an online poker venue? Probably not much. While we’re taught that first impressions are important when you meet someone face to face, we often fail to follow the same social rules when we play poker online.

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As poker players are now forced to stay indoors, online poker venues have seen a dramatic spike in new members and revenue alike. But is this only a temporary solution to the current problem? Or will the future of poker bonuses change forever?

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Warming up before participating in sports is a common occurrence, as it helps us remain focused. But have you ever thought about going through the same ritual before playing mobile poker games?

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We all dream of becoming the best online poker player that ever lived. But achieving that grandiose goal is not easy whatsoever. The main problem, which beginners in the field often face, is the fact they don’t know where to start their journey!

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Everyone will agree that online poker can be fun, exciting, and unpredictable. But did you know that it can also serve as a stress reliever?

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Once upon a time, online poker players were predominantly male. However, times are changing, and women are beginning to get more involved in online gambling, as they play poker online more than ever before.

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The seasoned poker player learns early on how to use every situation to his - or hers - advantage. Blockers are the most useful, yet unpredictable, ways for you to make the most of poker no deposit bonuses.  

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Many players who fall under the spell of online poker find the game surprisingly irresistible. They can play for hours and hours on end, but is that the right thing to do?

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Every poker player has heard of the term multi-tabling, a concept that sounds extremely appealing to those who play poker online recreationally and professionally. But while multi-tabling might appeal to some, there are different pros and cons you should take into account before you start placing bets.

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Two things about Phil Hellmuth are undeniable. One is that he is a great poker player. Some people—and Phil is among them—think he is the greatest poker player in the world. Second is that he is a brat—the one and only Poker Brat. Put these two things together and you’ve got one fascinating human being.

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When people play poker online, they often have one goal in mind: to become good enough of a player to beat the strongest competitors out there. While learning new skills like bluffing can prove to be useful, you also have to take the time to analyze your play to get better at online poker.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A., is well known as the Poker Capital of the world. It is, after all, the home of the World Series of Poker. It is also the home of many outstanding casinos with fine poker rooms and the home of thousands of poker-loving Las Vegans who play poker online whenever they are not playing poker in the casinos. But now, with the debut of the Las Vegas Raiders just around the corner, people are starting to appreciate Las Vegas as a professional sports town too.

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Sitting down to a game of video poker is always a treat. Regardless of the variation that you find to be the best online poker option for you, playing poker on a video screen is easy, fun and suitable for everyone. There’s none of the intimidation that you encounter when you play poker in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Two text bubbles, one with the word “myths”, the other with the word “facts”.

As one of the most popular casino games in the world, poker has been discussed at length in the media. TV shows, movies, and even books featured poker on multiple occasions, but it is often portrayed incorrectly – especially when it comes to the nature of poker no deposit bonuses.

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When discussing the effects online poker has on society, articles mostly focus on the negative side of things, talking about problem gamblers. However, the positive impact online poker bonuses have on our lives is not being discussed as much, even though there is a lot to say.

World Series of Poker bracelet

The World Series of Poker is a series of poker tournaments that takes place in Las Vegas every summer. It features the best poker players in the world playing in tournaments that feature a wide variety of poker variations and a wide range of buy-ins and prize pools. The winner of each tournament in the series receives a gold World Series of Poker bracelet, the most prestigious accessory in the whole wide world of poker.

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There is a lot more to poker than meets the eye—literally!  This is one of many advantages you get when you play poker online.  So, we suggest you take your poker no deposit bonus, sit back, and learn as much as you can about the joys of online poker.

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You’ve signed up at Intertops Poker and have a hefty bankroll to splash out on the cash games.  You have read all the best online poker books, practiced ad nauseum on the poker trainer apps and have all the jargon down pat.  

The World Poker Tour logo

The World Poker Tour is a series of high-stakes poker tournaments that bring the world’s top poker players to venues around the world to compete for big cash prizes and the prestigious WPT Champions Cup.

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If you feel that you’ve mastered the mobile poker games and you’re ready to move to a new level, perhaps you want to consider playing poker for a living? 

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You’ve been playing online poker for a while - and doing well - until something has changed. It doesn’t matter that you do everything right and that you get decent hands – it seems you can’t win.

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Players often have a stellar experience when playing mobile poker, as the game is exciting and challenging without being too hard to comprehend.

Most people treat the game as a source of entertainment and little else, but turning poker into a career has some surprising benefits!

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Every poker player, pros and recreational players alike, dreams of winning big cash prizes as they play poker online – no matter how farfetched this aspiration may be. That’s why people do their best to understand the game, all while they use poker no deposit bonuses to boost wins regularly.

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The internet has been filled with talk about shared liquidity and how it can affect the gambling market in the US, and therefore, how it can influence the available poker bonuses.

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Who doesn’t like to hear scandalous and intriguing tales, especially when they are all about gambling? To celebrate the ending of another great year, we’ve gathered some of the best online poker stories that took place in 2019.

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Playing mobile poker is super satisfying and immersive.  With a full gamut of games available 24/7, 365, accessing the alluring world of poker is as easy as launching your web browser or poker app and wagering away… 

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Is “results-oriented thinking” the best way to function in the real world of business? An expert in the world of play poker online weighs in, using his experience as a poker pro to provide guidance and practical advice.

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When you visit Vegas, it’s almost certain that at least some of the time, you’ll be playing poker.  Poker is one of the most popular casino games in both land-based and online casinos throughout the world.  Pros and amateurs enjoy the challenge that the combination of skill and luck demand.

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New Jersey has become the Nevada of the East in online casino entertainment to NJ residents and visitors. In fact, in many ways, New Jersey has eclipsed Nevada. Now other states are analyzing New Jersey’s policies and actions in order to open up their own successful online poker and additional online betting operations. 

letter cubes strewn about with Glossary spelled out

Amateur and professional poker players throw around seemingly unrelated terms as part of their “club”.  If you’re interested in being seen as a real player, you should know about some of these terms used by land-based and online poker players that refer to poker bonuses, varying card hands, types of chips, opponents’ habits and more. 

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Spend enough time playing mobile poker and you too could be deep in the money.  These days poker is a multi million dollar business - for the players, the sponsors and the fellas who organise the legions of live and online poker tournaments worldwide.

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When you play poker online at the best poker sites there is always a little something-something to bounce up the bankroll.  It may be a freeroll with a sweet guaranteed prize pool or a reload bonus with a bit on the side - like a complementary tournament ticket or a wad of extra FPPS (Frequent Player Points).

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For more years than we can remember poker was the exclusive domain of men.  From the grizzled cowboys in the Wild West to the elegantly attired Englishmen with their bow ties and bowler hats, it was only the hirsute, hairy and testosterone fuelled members of the male gender who anted up pre-flop.

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Poker bonuses are designed to give players a bit of extra financial heft.  They can be great bankroll boosters provided you understand the T&Cs.  The key factor when it comes to poker bonuses - or any other bonuses for that matter - is whether you can meet the bonus requirements within the allotted time.

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Las Vegas is where the high rollers go for a dose of no limit Holdem.  It is where poker evolved from fledgling casino game to OMG WSOP money spinner.

Aside from the cards and the unacclaimed status as poker incubator, Vegas offers an infinite array of the good stuff in terms of nightlife, entertainment and fabulously fine dining.  It is after all Sin City where sinners gather in big gasping groups to be bad, real bad… coke snorting, head-butting b-a-d!

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In the previous article, we tried a different tactic for bringing online poker to the widest possible audience.  Poker bonuses are great and certainly have their place in attracting poker players to Intertops Poker.  We found that getting down to the barest beginnings is another excellent way to reach new players.

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We try various ways to teach our newer and more experienced players the finer points of poker.  To our surprise, we also have some players who are so new to the game that they have to start at the beginning.

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To some people, poker is just poker.  That means that they don’t think about it a lot but they really like to play.  These people are one distinct type of poker player.  We’ll explain that type and many others in this article.

3 best poker apps

Successful poker players understand the odds.  They also know the difference between a good and bad starting hand.  The really excellent poker players like Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel and Justin Bonomo are magicians, mathematicians, game theorists and masters of the fine art of bluffing.

poker player

Bluffing is at the core of poker.  This seems a bit odd since so many players now look at every poker hand in terms of poker math, ranges, and other esoteric modern analytical tools.  But every hand may be a bluff!  So, to repeat, bluffing is at the core of poker.

Texas Hold’em vs Omaha Online Poker

Poker is a perennially popular community card game that was born in the Wild Wild West and came of age at the WSOP.  It is a game that has so many different layers you literally have to be a mathematician, game theorist, actor and intimidating enforcer to prevail.  

poker player on his phone looking stressed

There are many things we should do that are easier said than done.  One of those things is avoiding tilt.  Avoiding tilt is especially important to poker players and, as you will see in this article, it is also enormously important for everyone every day.  

player examining coins in the center of the table

Using poker math is the modern method of choice for determining a player’s next move.  In the past, players used their instincts and, as Ernest Hemingway said in the context of writing novels, they “put everything they know about people” into their decision. 

an Omaha Poker logo

Based on player numbers and tournament events, Omaha is one of the best online poker games on the planet.  It has the buzz of Texas Hold’em but there is a two-card rule that’s the viper in the pack.  

The logo of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame

The game of poker has traditionally been dominated by men, but that doesn’t mean women can’t play poker. In fact, women have proven that they can play both land-based poker and online poker at the highest levels. And the best women poker players, along with other women who have contributed in some special way to this amazing card game, are honored in the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.

lucky player

Poker is one of the hardest games of skill to master.  It is quite ironic, then, to realize that in order to become skilled at poker we need to also learn how to avoid and prevent bad luck.  This insight is especially important for new online poker players.  But what does luck have to do with it?  Isn't poker a game of skill?  Well, let's see.....

poker players not paying attention

Nathan Williams is a poker player who parlayed great skill at super-low stakes poker into a blogging business through which he makes a comfortable living.  Here is his story and a few tips for playing low stakes poker.

a man in a suit holding a briefcase in one hand, and his mobile phone in the other hand

There are two mercurial personalities that we all would like to emulate: the great poker players who see possibility where few others cab see it and the entrepreneurs who also see possibility where few others see it. 

poker player looking around

The term leverage became widely used in the last two decades, usually in a business sense.  It usually means borrowing money to make an investment.  The assumption is always that the investment will be worth more than the cost of the loan.  In poker, leverage is different since you can’t borrow money.  It means using every possible advantage you might have to win a pot and set the stage for future wins.

a robot playing poker

July 11, 2019, will be forever remembered as a milestone in the history of computer science and, even more so, as a milestone in the history of the game of poker. This was the day that Pluribus—an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program that could consistently defeat top poker professionals in six-player Texas Hold’em—was revealed to the world.

poker cards and sports equipment

There are some striking similarities between poker and sports betting.  Since Intertops runs both a sportsbook and a poker room, we felt it appropriate to discuss these interesting similarities.

poker player with pocket calculator

We are about to see the flop.  We have covered most of the nuances of pre-flop betting and the far more common folding.  Now, we have stayed in the hand and we will see the flop.  It’s time to begin the long march through poker math.

confident poker player

If you answered this question by how much money they make, you would be mistaken.  Sure, the very top pros can bring in millions every year but they are the very top of the professional pyramid.  Being a poker pro means that you make a living—and often a very good living—playing poker.

young, beginning poker player

Beginning poker players need to learn many aspects of the game before they can master any of them.  In this second installment in our series of tutorials for beginning players, we will go a bit further in analyzing the efficacy or lack thereof of pre-flop bets.

vace and king from different suits with a big question mark above

There is so much information about poker online.  However, most of the information is for players who are at least no longer beginners.  We, at Intertops Poker, decided to run an ongoing tutorial geared directly at new players.  So sign up, grab your poker bonus and let's get going.

poker tournament floor

Learning all about poker strategies can certainly help you become a good player, but if your goal is to become the best online poker player you could be – you should consider joining a tournament or two.

poker on a mobile phone

When you play online poker, it takes quite some time to hone your skills and perfect your strategies. So does it mean that you won’t be able to win at poker till you get a handle on all the poker hacks? It certainly does not!

a poker table with these hands shown: K-10, A-A, K-J, and J-J

According to poker rules, the highest cards in the deck are worth more than low-value cards. Therefore, logically speaking, if you get a combination of two high cards – your chances to win are high. Or are they?

a huge pile of poker chips

Out of all the card games available at online gambling venues, poker is one of the most sought out games you can find. The game’s popularity derives from the fact that all types of people can gain from playing poker.

"Scare Card Explained" written in spooky letters

Online poker is all about anticipating the unexpected and knowing how to deal with those types of situations. One such situation you can encounter is when you think you have a winning hand - until the turn or the river prove you otherwise.

a happy online Intertops Poker player

Online poker can be quite overwhelming, especially if you try to turn the game into a profession. An entire array of emotions is involved in every game and Intertops pokertournament you play: from elation to defeat, from excitement to dread.

Miss Finland

It’s a modern day retelling of a timeless classic. The setting: a high-stakes televised poker tournament. The Poker Beauty: Sara Chafak, also known as Miss Finland. The Poker Beast: Ronnie Bardah. The result (spoiler alert): Beauty tames the Beast.

cards and chips on a poker table

Online poker is a multifaceted game, where different tactics can be used to win. One of the most underrated, yet successful, techniques every poker player should be familiar with is folding. Yes, folding!

Someone shoving a big stack of chips into the middle of the poker table.

All-In. The two most exciting words you can hear in a poker tournament. It means somebody is betting everything he’s got—every single chip—and at that point there are only two things that can happen. One of them is good and one of them is bad.

an online Intertops poker table on a laptop screen

Millions of people all around the world play poker day in, day out. Some prefer to attend live games at land-based venues, while others are fonder of playing poker online.

If you’ve only experienced one of the two options, you’re probably wondering: what is the difference between online and live poker? After all, both of them feature the same game, the same rules, and they are both enjoyable.

an Intertops poker table with healthy vegetables scattered around

Playing poker can be quite an intense experience. Whether you choose to play poker online or visit a land-based gambling venue, you will need a lot more than a solid strategy and lots of practice hours to start winning.

a book with Poker Psychology written on it

When you play poker online, you are bound to meet different types of players. Knowing what kind of player you are and what to expect from your opponents is crucial when you plan your gaming strategy.

People playing poker at a poker table.

The Intertops online poker room gives you lots of choices. When you enter the poker room lobby, you will be offered a choice of poker games: Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha HiLo, or Telesina. You will be offered a choice of playing formats: Ring Games, Tournaments, or Sit-and-Go.

a book with the title Bluffing 101

To master the art of playing poker, you have to acquire a certain skill-set. Apart from learning how to observe and analyse your opponent’s behaviour, you should also become an expert at bluffing.

a poker table with players sitting at it with one seat available

Playing poker is not only about having the right strategy. Although understanding how the game works and how you can influence the outcome of the game is crucial, there are additional factors that can affect your success rates.

People playing poker at a poker table.

It is no secret that your position has a great impact on your winning odds when you play any style of poker, which is why that is considered as old poker news.

Someone robbing a bank with a toy gun.

There are only two ways to win at poker. One is to have the best hand. That is a wonderful thing indeed, but it is something that you have no control over. It is determined by the random deal of the cards in the casino or the online poker room, and it does not happen often. In fact, at a six-player table, it is unlikely to happen more than 17 percent of the time.

Kenny Rogers singing "The Gambler"

“You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.”  That’s the online poker player’s mantra, adopted from the classic song “The Gambler.” You surely know the song and maybe you’ve heard it a million times, but there is still more that you might not yet know about “The Gambler.” So let us now take a deep dive into who wrote the song, who sang it, and what it all means.

People playing poker at a poker table.

Imagine a gambling scenario like this: If you win, you win real money. If you lose, you lose … nothing at all. Sounds like paradise, right? Perhaps it even sounds too good to be true, but it’s not. It actually happens every day in online poker freerolls.

Hall of Fame logo

The Poker Hall of Fame is where the poker world honors its heroes. The honored heroes (and a few honored heroines as well) include the greatest land-based and online poker players in history along with others who have contributed to the growth and development of the game. If you love the wonderful game of poker you will surely be inspired by the legendary figures enshrined in the Poker Hall of Fame.

A poker player with a big pile of chips in front of him.

Rebuys and Add-Ons are two of the most under-appreciated and yet vitally important weapons in any poker player’s arsenal. If you want to succeed in online poker tournaments, it is crucial that you understand what Rebuys and Add-Ons are, how they work, and when you should use them.

People playing poker at a poker table.

A Sit-and-Go Tournament, also known as a Sit-N-Go, is a special kind of poker tournament that has no scheduled starting time. Instead of a starting time, the tournament begins as soon as the specified number of players are sitting at the table and ready to go.

People playing poker at a poker table.

Cash games, also known as ring games, are the original—and, in some respects, the purest—way of playing poker. When friends get together to play poker around the kitchen table or at the local tavern or social club, they almost invariably play cash games. And while poker tournaments have been getting the most publicity thanks to big televised poker extravaganzas, there are always excellent poker cash games available at both brick-and-mortar casinos and at online poker sites.

Picture of a poker tournament (many poker tables in a large room)

A poker tournament is a type of poker competition in which the players start off with an equal number of “chips” and compete for prizes that are awarded to the top finishers at the end of the tournament. The most famous poker tournament is the World Series of Poker but there are plenty of other poker tournaments—including online poker tournaments—available to players at every skill level and every bankroll level. So now let’s take a closer look at what exactly is a poker tournament and how you can play in one.

a text book with the title How to Play Poker 101

Learning how to play poker requires some effort, but it’s worth it. Millions of people think poker is the greatest game on earth, combining elements of luck, strategy, mathematics, psychology, logic, intuition, suspense, and excitement. We, at Intertops Poker, agree and offer this guide to how to play poker so you, too, can join in and experience the poker fun.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa [a reference to the Italian origin of Telesina]

Telesina, also known as Teresina, is an Italian version of 5-card stud. It is a very popular poker variation in Italy but is not so well known in the rest of the world, which is a shame, because it is an interesting and very exciting poker game. Fortunately, Telesina is available for online poker play at Intertops Poker. Here is a step-by-step guide to how to play Telesina Poker.

Poker players struggling to understand the hand

Every poker player is looking for an extra edge. One excellent way to improve your online poker playing is to see your poker game as if it were the opposite of a negotiation. At one time, businesspeople saw negotiations as zero-sum activities in which one side won and the other side lost. Today, negotiations are seen as win-win situations in which both sides get at least some parts of what they wanted. Not so in poker where we're going for the zero-sum outcome.

a picture of dogs playing poker

“Dogs Playing Poker” is among the most well-known paintings in the world, as easily recognizable by the average citizen—and certainly by the average poker player—as the Mona Lisa. And yet there is much about “Dogs Playing Poker” that is either unknown, under-appreciated, or misunderstood.

a judge scratching his heads in disbelief and confusion

It seems that the Americans have an amazing talent for complicating the simplest things. This time, it’s about online poker.

People playing Omaha Poker at a poker table.

Omaha Poker is an exciting strategy-based community-card poker game. It is a little bit complicated, but nevertheless easy to learn if you just relax and take it easy and follow this step-by-step guide through the various stages of the game.

People playing Texas Hold'em Poker at a poker table

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game in the world. It is played in the World Series of Poker and in brick-and-mortar casinos and online poker casinos around the world. Many newcomers, however, are intimidated by Texas Hold’em. With its esoteric vocabulary and its multiple betting rounds, it seems “difficult.”

Poker player ensnared in a trap

All poker players need to learn to detect and avoid traps.  However, there are two types of traps; gameplay traps for which the above advice is sound and personal traps which are harder to see and avoid.

Poker player with question marks over his head

One thing that most tutorials reiterate often is to play tighter when you're in early position and more aggressively when you're in late position.  This is sound advice for the most part but it also seems to contradict the advice to stay unpredictable in your betting.

Poker player unwinding in nature

During the game, we have to concentrate to the limit of our ability.  After the game, we're wired so relaxation and unwinding are vitally important.

Poker player with quizzical look

Possibly the hardest aspect of poker is deciding whether an opponent is betting with a real hand or is bluffing.  This dilemma faces every poker player and it changes from street to street.  To become expert in determining the real intent of an opponent’s bet takes time and practice.

Poker Player Sweating as he Calculates Pot Odds

It Takes Thousands of Hands to Achieve Poker Excellence

Calculating pot odds and implied odds are the mirror image of knowing the number of outs you have. 

a text book with the title How to Play Poker 101

Learning how to play poker requires some effort, but it’s worth it. Millions of people think poker is the greatest game on earth, combining elements of luck, strategy, mathematics, psychology, logic, intuition, suspense, and excitement. We, at Intertops Poker, agree and offer this guide to how to play poker so you, too, can join in and experience the poker fun.

Poker table showing different facial expressions of the players.

New players, especially, need to understand the importance of position in evaluating their hands.  The same hand in early position might be a lot less valuable than in late position.  Position changes with every hand as well.

A hand holding two Aces with hearts floating around them.

Inexperienced Poker Players Often Value their Aces Poorly

The ace is the best card in the deck but it is often not the best card in a hand.  Players need to learn to value their aces correctly.  One way is to study the nuances of the game such as opponents’ betting history as a supplement to betting high with good cards.

Good players will see you scratch your nose even online

The Importance of Learning Not to Telegraph Your Inexperience

Online poker players need a different sort of antennae for detecting tells.  New and inexperienced players need to be careful to demonstrate calm and determination as opposed to hastiness and lack of clear direction.

Why Poker is a Great Game

Learn to Think Like a Poker Player

Poker is perhaps the most challenging game because, at the same time, we have to be both straightforward in our thinking and to think deeply about information we don’t actually have.  When we play poker, we learn just how hard “thinking” can be.

Man driving a car with Intertops Poker written on the side of the car.

There is a very interesting analogy between learning poker and learning to drive. At first, we don't know what we're doing and we look at everything around us. As we get better, we look at only those things we need to look at.

How to become a pro poker player

Professional poker players have behavioral characteristics that set them apart from amateurs. Pros are more flexible than amateurs. They know when to stay in a pot and when to get out. They know not to throw good money after bad. Pros also identify themselves as pros.

Evolve into a better poker player

Many poker players place too much emphasis on big hands. They think that big hands bring big wins. They might, but often they don't. Small gains and small lessons are much better as winning measures and as learning tools. Develop the skills to evolve as a poker player.

Laptop opened with chips all around

There is a lot of great poker that you can watch on the internet. We also offer great poker action at Intertops. You can learn a lot from watching poker. We feel that the experience you get figuring out hands by playing online is an even better learning experience.

Watch out for Problem Poker Players – hint: they’re not just the drunks

The second Responsible Gambling Conference recently took place. Casino operators are always looking to keep their gamers well within the limits of safe gambling as opposed to problem gambling. Poker player have a unique set of symptoms that point to possible problem gambling.

Poker Strategy:  Play Tight or Aggressive?

We all love poker both online and at land based casinos. We look to improve all the time as well. One advice we hear a lot is play tight. Another advice we hear a lot is be aggressive. How can we tell when it's time to play tight and when it's time to be aggressive?

A Royal Flush of diamonds reflected in the sunglasses of a player

Poker is a game of surmises since our opponents; cards are hidden. One way to surmise a hand is by determining the odds of winning the hand. This is based on the strength of the player's hand and his or her imagination as to what he opponents might have.

Overhead view of players playing at a poker table with Intertops Poker written on it

Great poker players are made by hard work and a lot of practice. Playing online is a great way to play many hands and to learn something from each one. By playing online, you make yourself better for the inevitable live game at a casino or poker room.

A laptop opened to Intertops Poker with chips around and a player's hands on the keyboard.

Ever since amateur Chris Moneymaker won the Main Event at the World Series of Poker in 2003, thousands of amateurs have set their sights on becoming poker pros. Heavyweight boxing champ David Haye is trying his hand at poker. He is using poker coaches.

Poker table with chips and a padlock super-imposed on it

Some internet poker sites have made contractual agreements with land based casinos in the United States to run those casinos' online poker rooms. This does not mean that all other online poker rooms are unsafe. Intertops is 100% safe in every way.

man holding cards and playing poker

We all relate to winners. When casino gamers look at the news, we often see a lot about poker - news about tournaments and news about the political side of gambling in general. We would like to see more about talented poker players just starting to become well-known.

Understanding the Poker Hands Ranking

Hello and welcome to the exciting world of poker! We’re not surprised you have decided to join millions of fans around the world, but we are just wondering what took you so long?!

Understanding Omaha Hi-Lo Poker

Even though Texas Hold’Em is still the most popular Poker game around, Omaha is gaining popularity fast and could potentially claim the title in the not-too-distant future.

Famous Poker Players

If you’re a poker fan, you must have read about successful world-famous players, and maybe even watched them in action via televised events or indeed live, and thought: “Perhaps one day this will be me?” 

Popular Poker Tournaments and Events

There’s no doubt that tournaments are the reason many of today’s poker players became interested in the game.

A short history of Poker

There is no general agreement as to how this hugely popular casino game came into existence. The further back we try to trace it, the most difficult it gets, mainly due to a lack of written records.

Intertops EPC Velden!

Get ready for another trip to Austria! Along with the “Milli Maker” WSOP satellites we are running, Intertops is also getting geared up for the aftermath of the World Series!