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CPT Update - Day 1B

CPT - Update Day 1B + freeroll password

The Caribbean Poker Tour in St. Maarten is already running and we have one more player who made it to Day 2!

Unfortunately our fith player, Hadar M., did not make it. Although up to a nice start he busted late. Nevertheless he is enjoying his first trip ever to St. Maarten very much and kept on grinding at the cash game tables after leaving the tournament.

The player who made it to Day 2 was a nice surprise, Intertops very own poker manager, Hjalmar Lethin, had a great run and will be leading our team today. Day 2 starts at 4 pm Eastern and will last until only the players for the final table are left which means we will see a lot of action today, hopefully with a positive outcome for Team Intertops!

Current chip count of our team:

Hjalmar - 63,600
Alex - 42,400
Lukas - 32,000
Tim - 16,500

Check out the video from our poker manager Hjalmar, talking about the tournament and St. Maarten:

Your password for our freeroll for today, Saturday November 2nd: POKER

Good luck at the tables and check back tomorrow!