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CPT Update

CPT - Update Day 1A - including first freeroll password!

The Caribbean Poker Tour in St. Maarten runs from October 31st to November 5th and we have a team of five players fighting for their share of the prize money.

Yesterday saw the start of the main event with four out of five players starting: Alex K., Lukas W., Adrián H. and Tim O. - Hadar M. our fith player will start the event today (Day 1B).

75,000 US Dollar is the guaranteed prize money and our players were motivated to make it to Day 2 which will start on Saturday. Unfortunately Adrián busted but Alex, Lukas and Tim survived and will keep on grinding on Day 2.

Current chip count of our team:

Alex - 42,400
Lukas - 32,000
Tim - 16,500

Check out the first impressions of Tim O'Keefe about the tournament:

Your password for our first freeroll for today, Friday November 1st: ISLAND

Good luck at the tables and check back tomorrow!