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As you already know from the last blog post, it wasn’t my year again at Seefeld this past February.

It was another long day, only to bust out just short of bagging up for day 2. I’m not unhappy with my play, however, I think I just got unlucky early and couldn’t get any traction going after that. I had Ace King off suit, Ace Jack off suit pocket Aces and pocket Kings twice, in less than 40 minutes after starting, and lost with all of them! lol Even worse when 3 of them I knew exactly where I was at in the hand, just to lose to a miracle river card for my opponent. It was pretty unfortunate, being against such a tough field, you’ve gotta play your best AND you gotta run good! Sometimes there just isn’t a whole lot you can do t in tournament poker though and like Doug Polk says, “sometimes it’s just your time to die” lol That being said, I thought I would share some hands with you guys to get some feedback on what I could have done differently, and maybe provide some insight to help me in the future!

I guess should start with an example of how to lose with Aces, haha. This is prob my tenth to fifteenth hand I’ve seen so far and the 3 aggressive younger guys on my right already set the tone, betting and 3 betting every hand. I am in the big blind and look down at two black Aces! Awesome, lets start this off right!! lol The sunglasses wearing seemingly REALLY loose player 3 to my right opens to 400 at 50/100 and gets the button to call. I reraise to 1300 and only the initial raiser calls. Flop is 8 of clubs, 9 of diamonds, 4 of hearts and I decide to just lead into a guy who already seemed like a calling station, having watched him chase down a flush a few hands prior. I bet 1800 and he calls without hesitation and we see a 2 of clubs on the turn. Seemed like a brick to me, but he called so fast on the flop I went for another be on the turn of around 2500. He thought for a minute and it was clear to me and probably the whole table that he was on a draw as he reluctantly called. The Jack of hearts hits the river and I puke in my mouth a little bit lol Pretty awful card for me, and figured I was toast, but I decided to bet small, around $3000. I thought it was enough to get value out of him and let me be able to fold, disgustedly, if he decided to raise me. To my surprise he thinks for a few seconds before just calling, showing 10 7 off suit for the rivered straight!? Boo he got there on the river, like I assumed, but at least he was too scared to raise me and potentially lose more. It also gave me and the rest of the table some solid info on his style of play, but still gross lol.

Now I’ll show you how to lose with Kings! haha Same villain in this hand as well. I have ~ 38k to start the hand and we are at 100/200 blinds with 5) ante. Under the gun player makes it 400, the loose hyper aggressive kid two to my right raises to 1175. I have Ks Kc and 3 bet him to 3000. Initial raiser folds and hyper aggro kid calls. Flop comes Qc 8d 4h and he checks to me, I bet 3500 and he quickly calls. Turn is the J of clubs. He thinks for a minute, actually starts counting his chips and counting out a bet, then checks to me. Now I have not only witnessed him chase down straights and flushes already, but this is the same guy who cracked my aces on the river with 10 7 off-suit after hitting his open ended straight draw. Which he also just called my small river bet after he hit it!? WTF? lol So I felt really confident he was on another draw, and after he counted out the chips and then checked to me on the turn, I thought he might have had Ac 10c and turned so much equity that he thought of betting out into me. I think because of that and just how big the pot had already grown, it might have been better to check back the turn, but a lot of players do that whole “show” of pretending to bet in order to get a free card, so I decided to bet 9000 into the ~13K pot. I thought it would be big enough to get him off his draws, and also would get max value out of him if he did decide to call with the draw or a big Qx hand. He thinks, then makes it look like he might check raise me, but then just calls. Now, I only have about 25K left when he calls the turn and there’s almost 30k in the pot. The 3 of clubs hits the river and the kid snap shoves all in on me!? I didn’t know what to make of it for a second, cause it happened so fast! They even have the “ALL IN” plaques there and the dealer tossed it out for him so fast, I was a little bit flustered! lol I tanked for a solid 3 minutes, lucky it was hour levels! It looked so bluffy for him to snap shove there and I couldn’t see why he wouldn’t try an get a small value bet through if he did have the flush. Plus I feel like AK of clubs is for sure a big possible holding for me to have in that spot, given the preflop 3 bet and my large bet sizing on the turn seems more to rep that huge draw/ trying to get a fold. Eventually I mucked and he immediately told me ” good fold”, which of course makes me think it wasn’t lol but given the long levels and the overall action of the hand, I thought I could fold, and wait for a better spot. Boy was I wrong lol

The rest of the tourney seemed to be a blur of folds, as I couldn’t find a hand or spot to really get me back in the game. This was a good example of how it went lol I started the hand with about 20.5k at 500/1000 with 100 ante. I see Ace King of spades in cutoff and it folds to me? lol cmon!! I make it 2200 hoping to induce a raise or shove from someone behind me, but only the big blind called. Ace King 6 flop! All spades! Yatzeeee!! He checks and I checked behind, praying he would catch up a little. Turns is the Ace of clubs. Double Yahtzee! He bets 2800 and I just call, kinda not knowing what to do with myself lol. River comes the 5 of a spades. He checks, I bet 3000 and he Snap folds. BOOOOOO! It just wasn’t my tourney!

As I finish writing this, I am looking over the WSOPc Hardrock Tulsa schedule and can’t help but get excited! It’s the first time WSOP has had a series there and you know they are going to go all out! I think I’m only playing a few events, focusing most of my attention on the $250,000 Guarantee kickoff event the weekend of the 17th( St. paddy’s day! I’m Irish, that’s gotta mean something! lol) and the main event the following weekend. I am going to follow in the footsteps of some of the big name Pros like Doug Polk and do a give away for a piece of my action in each of these events! Now I know I am small potatoes (get it!? lol) compared to players like him, but I would really like to make this blog and my adventures with Intertops more interactive. And besides, who doesnt like free money!? All you have to do is basically click buttons for it! lol For this first event at Tulsa, Im going to raffle off 5% to any player that likes the post linking this blog on facebook and on Instagram! That’s it! Just add 2fit2fold on Instagram and hit that lil’ heart button and add me on facebook and give the post a like! Simple as that! I will raffle it off at the end of the event! I will be doing something similar for the main event as well, so stay tuned. Hope to see everyone along! Maybe an Intertops player and can’t share the luck of the IRISH and win big!

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