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PokerAkademia Open presented by Intertops

Nine players started the final day of the €330 buy-in PokerAkademia Open presented by Intertops Poker on November 14.

After three days of gruelling action, 300 entries and 45 re-entries meant it was more than €100,000 to be played out. The winner would take home €23,000, and besides 3 Hungarians, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia and Germany had all citizens represented in the final.

The players started with the following stacks:

Player Stack
Dusan Vasiljevic 1,825,000
Barsi Ádám 315,000
Georg Schwab 1,515,000
Frantisek Kliement 2,250,000
Igor Panak 1,670,000
Dennis Wilke 705,000
Erdei Attila 300,000
Pintér Márk 910,000
David Schuster 825,000

We had kept an eye on Erdei and Pinter as both qualified for just $1 from our Intertops Poker satellites.

Both qualified for just $1 from our Intertops Poker satellites.

The Final Table quickly gained pace as fireworks happened on Hand #1. Kliement, starting the day as the chipleader, woke up to pocket Aces, against Schwab's Tens. The flop brought the two other tens, and the big stacks all went in. Schwab became the overwhelming chipleader with his quads, and the entertaining and aggressive Kliement had fallen to the back of the pack.

Hand #5 brought another four of a kind, which was the key for Erdei's double-up. The Hungarian pushed all-in with ♠A ♠T against the Serb Dusan Vasiljevic, and the three aces on the flop meant he did not have to worry too long.

The first player eliminated was Dennis Wilke, boyfriend of pro player Jamila Von Perger, as he came up short with J-5 against Erdei's A-10. On the next level, Barsi doubled up with Aces against Kliement's A-J, and after Schuster swept in the remainder of his chips, the Slovakian was eliminated in 8th place. He was followed by Schuster, once again falling against Schwab, then Barsi eliminated Panak in a A-5 vs. 9-5 battle.

In the break, players struck a deal:

Schwab: €16,700
Vasiljevic: €11,590
Erdei: €10,810
Pintér: €8,180
Barsi: €8,060

The winner had €3,500, the runner-up had €1,500, and the third-place finisher had €950 extra to play for.

Barsi's mistakes after the break resulted in him losing his stack, and after that, the two remaining Hungarians (and the two remaining satellite qualifiers) went all-in.

Erdei: ♦4 ♥4
Pinter: ♠7 ♣7

Board: ♠Q ♣J ♥A ♠A ♥9

Pinter won, and him having more chips meant Erdei was eliminated in 4th place.

The three-handed portion of the game was really slow despite the deal. Pinter built his stack to the chiplead.

Eventually, Vasiljevic found ♦J ♠J and went all-in against Schwab's ♥A ♦8 . The ♣5 ♠8 ♣7 flop, the ♠A on the turn and the ♠7 river meant it was Schwab vs. Pinter for the trophy.

Schwab vs. Pinter for the trophy

A really strange scene erupted when Schwab proposed buying the trophy for €300. As a pool player, he owns many trophies, so everybody was curious when he suggested paying €300 for Pinter even if he eventually would won. Pinter declined the offer, however, wanting the trophy to himself.

The heads-up didn't last too long, however. Schwab raised to 400,000, and called after a long tank when Pinter pushed all his 3 million chips to the middle.

Pinter: ♠3 ♥3
Schwab: ♥8 ♣8

Board: ♦T ♥5 ♣2 ♦4 ♠7

The Eights held. Georg Schwab became the winner of PokerAkademia Open 2016, and taking home a total of €20,200.

Georg Schwab became the winner of PokerAkademia Open 2016, and taking home a total of €20,200.

Final results:

Place Player Prize
1 Georg Schwab €20,200
2 Pintér Márk €9,680
3 Dusan Vasiljevic €12,540
4 Erdei Attila €10,810
5 Barsi Ádám €8,060
6 Igor Panak €4,070
7 David Schuster €3,380
8 Frantisek Kliement €2,270
9 Dennis Wilke €2,270