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Recap Velden 2016

The Big Tournament You Probably Missed During the WSOP Frenzy

Austrian Mathias Habernig beat out a quality field of 234 eager poker players keen to take home a piece of the prize pool as 27 players were paid between €6,490 and €142,000 in Velden, Austria. Habernig’s reward for winning the tournament was a cool €109,000 first prize and the title of 2016 Velden European Champion.

If you think that there was no way you could have taken part in this great tournament then think again. Intertops Poker ran qualifiers for the opportunity to win a trip to Velden that you could have won for as little as $1! Yes, a single dollar! In the end Intertops took six lucky players to the tournament which not only included a seat in the poker tournament itself but a seat at an exclusive welcome dinner and a boat trip thrown in for good measure. This surely meant the players were in the best frame of mind for Poker when play eventually began.

Intertops Poker teamed up with PokerTube and live streamed a lot of the play and uploaded many videos throughout the Main Event which players can view their website. The coverage included Facebook Live Streams, Photos, videos and 360 degree images being posted throughout the event giving fans a unique look into the tournament and fueling their interest to try and get involved next time via the Intertops special offers. The streaming was clearly popular with the Internet with over 230,000 people tuning in to view PokerTube’s streams over the event's duration.

As well as congratulating the top finishers in the event which will be covered further down, let’s give a special mention to Intertops very own sponsored poker pro Tim O’Keefe, who blogs at Tim had a great run in the tournament and for a while he looked set to complete a fairytale run to the final table before his hopes were crushed when he unfortunately busted out of the tournament in 21st spot. But it was not all bad news for Tim as by lasting into the final 27 he cashed €6,490. Tim has had plenty to blog about recently as he played this event shortly after returning from a trip to the World Series of Poker.

Intertops sponsored poker pro Tim O’Keefe

As for the tournament itself a number of Intertops Qualifiers did very well, the most notable and lucrative finish going to Intertops Online Qualifier Emil Hegedus who must be pinching himself right now after qualifying online and then making the final table, taking home a whopping €26,600 to add to his bankroll as he finished in 6th place.

Emil Hegedus Intertops Poker Player

The final hand was a fitting way to end the tournament and took place with Mathias Habernig holding €5.3m in chips to Jens Lakemeier’s €6.5m. The game was decided by a Five Card Omaha flip with the flop coming down 8s, 5h, Qs, 8c, Kd. On this seemingly sedate flop Lakemeier turned over Ah, 4c, 7d, Jd, Js for a pair of jacks before Habernig turned over a really big hand, the full house holding 5s, 7h, 7s, 5d, Qc.. Whilst always tough to finish second, Jens Lakemeier will have been pleased to have made a ICM calculated deal when heads-up, as he was destined not to win on this occasion. By striking the deal he ensured he still went home with an excellent cash prize of €120,000. Well done to both players.

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