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A no-entry sign with a poker table in the background

For months and months, we’ve been waiting for online gambling to reach the state of Pennsylvania. Finally, on June 15th, the dream became a reality.

a poker table with dollar signs floating above

Every year, countries release quarterly reports depicting trends and changes in the gambling industry. Those reports give us an insight into what kind of changes you can expect to see in your casino of choice.

Wall Street type ticker going across a phone screen

All poker players go through a natural process the more they play, evolving with each game. It takes a long while for players to learn the game’s rules and develop enough confidence in their skills before they start winning.

Intertops Poker on a screen

It is no secret that women used to, and they still do, earn less money than their male counterparts – no matter what field of work comes to mind. From actors to businesswomen, most women had to deal with gender discrimination in their work environment.

map of the Philippines

The gambling industry in the Philippines was always a prominent source of income for the locals, but things might change for the worse in the future.

"safety" written on a key on a laptop keyboard

One of the key elements of a successful gambling session is a sense of security.

a collage of top poker pros Chris Moneymaker, Vanessa Selbst, and Mark Fleddermann

When you watch a poker game unfold, especially when it comes down to the cream of the crop, there is no denying the fact that those talented people leave their hearts on the table, alongside their cards.

Recap EPC 2019

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motorcycles and poker cards

When you talk about playing poker, people often believe that you can either play at a land-based casino or play poker online. However, poker appears in different shapes and forms, one of which is the poker run.

Intertops Poker logo

There are a lot of pros to playing poker online as opposed to visiting a land-based casino: it is more accessible, it is available to you 24/7, and it comes with a selection of poker promotions you can’t ignore.

poker on a mobile phone

Poker is one of those casino games that require lots of practice for you to master it and become a pro. On top of finding the right gambling venue that has the best poker tables and practising for hours on end, you need to learn a bit more about the game itself.

currency symbols floating around

There are two reasons why people opt for playing online casino games rather than visiting a land-based casino: the accessibility, and the accompanying bonuses that can boost every win.

Poker EM Velden - Day 2

Day 2 of the Poker EM Main Event at Casino Velden

a human brain

In our day and age, the most popular pastime activities include a screen of some sort. While some enjoy the movies or watching TV, others prefer to use their smartphones or computers to access the best poker sites out there.

Poker EM Velden - Day 1

Day 1 of the main event started yesterday and was running until the end of level 9.

European Poker Championship - Velden


robot playing cards

Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) has been a part of our culture in decades, but for the most part, it was a fantasy. A theme for a great movie, or a distant dream that we only heard about in passing.

logo of WSOP

Millions of people all around the world enjoy playing poker. Some play poker online, while others stick to classic, real-life tournaments.

Donald Trump playing poker

American President Donald Trump recently gave an exclusive interview to reporters from Time Magazine.  The cover of that issue, with President Trump in the Oval Office, went viral on the internet.  It read, “My Entire Life is a Bet”.  That heading and the enormous response it got from supporters and detractors both, prompted us to ask what we as online poker players could learn from Mr. Trump.

poker dictionary

It may be that poker has contributed more words to the English language than any other sport or pastime.  In this third part of our series of terms that English has adapted from poker and other gambling games, we will focus on terms that imply risk-taking.

online poker player smiling

We usually think of tells as little nose scratches, lip curls, sitting upright suddenly or slouching just as suddenly.  These and many others are in-person tells.  Online poker has its own set of tells, too.

a math book with a "do not enter" stamp on it

The modern game of poker is strongly mathematical.  It is truly important to learn how to use poker math to win more money.  But there are many other elements that go into poker excellence.

Poker player

Poker has become the game of the century.  A poker player can be out of shape, too old to play physical sports, or simply not inclined to sports as such.  Poker is an amazingly challenging game that has gained exponentially more players in the 21st century than it ever had before.

Dictionary open to poker terms

The language of poker is so rich that we use many poker or other gambling terms in everyday speech.  At Intertops Poker, we are as interested in the language of poker as we are in the minutiae of how to play poker.  This is the second article that explains how different poker terms have entered the English language.

a clock showing 9 to 5

In most countries, little boys, and increasingly many little girls, dream about becoming star athletes.  American kids fantasize about hitting a home run in the World Series or leading their team to a Super Bowl win.  For the massively overwhelming majority, it’s best to work towards getting and holding a good “day job”.

online poker player

Every experienced poker player starts out as an amateur playing poker with people they don’t know.  If this describes your poker experience, then this article should help you improve your game.

player winning a poker tournament

A new study called Hedge Fund Hold’em by Yan Lu, Sandra Mortal, and Sagata Ray was reported on in Bloomberg.  The study came to the conclusion that playing poker helped hedge fund managers succeed.  The study explored both online poker and land based poker.

group of friends playing poker

The mathematics of poker have to do with such formerly arcane ideas as expected value.  However, there are some old-fashioned ideas about poker that many players these days either ignore altogether or give less importance than they give to mathematical minutiae.

Chris Moneymaker

Bluffing is a major part of poker.  Everyone has to bluff at some time and to figure out that an opponent is bluffing sometimes.  But some bluffs are legendary.  Chris Moneymaker started a poker boom with a single bluff that has gone down in history as the Bluff of the Century.

Donald Trump with an Ace up his sleeve

Donald Trump never held an elective office until he was elected President of the United States.  In many ways, he has shown characteristics like those of the best poker players.  It could be that Donald Trump is a “poker great” turned politician.  He is certainly unlike any American politician in living memory.

Desk piled high with poker books

There is an internal contradiction in modern-day poker that points to both the difficulty of becoming great and the myriad opportunities to learn from your and other players’ mistakes.  The contradiction is that there are so many poker players that a vast number are amateurs while so many players means that even among the amateurs many of them will be top-notch players!

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the view of a WSOP poker room

The fiftieth annual World Series of Poker opened on 28 May in Las Vegas.  Every year more and more online poker players qualify for or enter the WSOP.  Their presence is a far cry from 2003 when Chris Moneymaker became the first WSOP finals winner after qualifying at an online poker tournament.

poker player with a calculator

Many poker players, especially new ones, flinch at the mere juxtaposition of the words poker and math.  The problem is that these players use hunches when they should consider the “odds”.  So, we decided to try to simplify poker math for you.

poker player with question marks over his chips

Poker is a game in which we have to make reasoned decisions without complete information.  Many of the decisions we make in our everyday lives also involve insufficient information but we have to make these decisions anyway.  What can we learn from poker and what can poker players learn from decision-making in general?

poker players sleeping on the table

If there is one thing that all poker players have to face at some time or another, it is the “ready availability” of tilt.  This means that poker can drive you crazy quite easily if you let it, so don’t you let it!  Poker can drive you mad whether you play poker online or on land.

confused poker player

Poker is only about 150 years old but in that short time, it has developed a language of its own!   Poker online and poker on land have their own jargon.  There are also many terms that overlap online poker and land-based poker.  In this article, we’ll go over some useful poker terms that confuse many new players.

poker player "fuming"

There are innumerable sites and books that try to teach us how to avoid tilt and how to get out of tilt when it occurs. There are a lot fewer articles about how to take advantage of a player on tilt.   Clearly, it is very good to avoid tilt as much as possible but it is also fair to use an opponent’s tilt to your advantage.

poker player calculating on an old-fashioned adding machine

Poker is a game of feelings and intuition.  Especially when we play online poker, where we can’t see our opponents, we have to observe them in different ways.  These ways are mostly feelings and intuition.  Even in land-based casino poker, when we feel that an opponent has shown us a tell, we feel that way through intuition. 

poker player who looks like he's confused

Online poker is growing by leaps and bounds because it affords players the chance to play several games against many different types of opponents from all over the world.  At any given moment there are thousands of players at online poker rooms such as Intertops Poker.  You could never have a pool of players that large at a land-based poker room.

Human poker pro versus Libratus

A computer program with a massive data base and the ability to improve itself in real time went head-to-head against four poker pros and won. This happened over one year ago. Now the news is that Libratus has joined the United States military. Is this good news?

Poker table with players

Every great poker player has a characteristic that sets him apart.  Let’s look at some of these traits of world-famous poker players.  We know these players from YouTube clips but online poker players can learn a great deal from them and improve their game.

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politicians (men in suits) playing poker

We talk often about the complexity of poker.  It is extremely educational to compare some of the skills great poker players have and similar skills great politicians or political negotiators have.  It is also a fascinating side of modern poker that some skills that are needed at a live poker table are very different when you play poker online.

Poker player sweating a decision

Poker players have to learn how to deal with the emotional highs and lows of the game.  Online poker clips don’t often show players dealing with their emotions.  Thus how we handle our emotions is one of the hidden aspects of poker.

Texas Hold’em players

Texas Hold’em is by now the most popular and famous variation of poker.  It is interesting that the game is only about 100 years old.  In those 100 years, Hold’em has gone from the poker variation of choice of hardened Texans to a worldwide online poker phenomenon.

Stu Unger

The rise and downfall of Stu Ungur, who many people still consider to have been the best poker player of all time, has resurfaced as some online poker documentaries feature his story.

An English dictionary with the word Poker hand-written added to the title

Poker has a vast jargon of its own and some of these terms enter mainstream English every year.  Words like bluff and poker face, add a lot of color to everyday English.  Poker onlinedeveloped language of its own simply because no one has a poker face online!

a confused poker player

Game theory was developed by John Nash in 1950 as distinct branch of mathematics.  We know that poker also has a strong mathematical element to it so we wondered if we could understand poker better by applying game theory to it.

Online poker player concentrating deeply

Most poker players think that looking for and reading tells are only for live poker games.  This article will demonstrate the value of “looking for and reading” tells in online poker games.

a poker player looking in a mirror and the reflection is a businessperson

The world is fiercely competitive.  Poker players feel the competition all the time.  The same is true for people in business.  Many books and articles have been written recently about what makes a person successful either in business or in poker.

Poker players of different ethnicities

Of all the games that we can play on a computer or mobile device, poker is unique.  It requires sound deductive judgment based on many factors plus sound inductive reasoning based on historical examples.  Poker can raise us up, train us for success in our chosen professions, and give us heightened levels of self-confidence.


Main Event Day 2 was a tough one for Team Intertops but one player is still in the game.


Team Intertops on the way to Day 2!


Our players are ready to grind and we hope so are you!

Poker player smiling as opponent takes the pot

Poker is a game in which the fear of loss is always at or just beneath the surface.  Since we can’t eliminate fear, we need to learn to use it to our best advantage.  This can result in causing an opponent to fold a winning hand or can simply allow us to shrug off a bad beat.

Poker player at a poker table wearing a cowboy hat

Until just recently, which we would date at about the time chubby Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP tournament in 2003, poker still had the image of a saloon game which as often as not was settled with a six-shooter and not just the cards on the table. The image had long outlasted the reality. Suddenly, the image changed.

Poker players around a table on television

The poker revolution started with two parallel phenomena: the tremendous win by the amateur Chris Moneymaker in the World Series of Poker in 2003 and the explosion in popularity of televised poker.  The importance of televised poker tournaments cannot be underestimated.

a person handing a BIG bag of money with a dollar sign on it to another person

People are motivated to give to good causes.  Billions of dollars are donated every year to a vast list of charitable organizations and individuals in need.  Poker is fast becoming a vehicle through which large sums of money are raised. 

Land based casino mogul gloating

Before we begin our report about a recent decision from the US Department of Justice, let us assure everyone that Intertops is open and we expect to remain open for many years to come.

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someone eating healthy food while playing poker on a laptop

Good Health is Vital for a Happy Life and a Fine Tournament

It’s easy to see the need for physical training and excellent health when one participates in the more physical sports. 

Overhead view of players at a poker table with the US flag printed on the table

The United States has been a sleeping online poker giant for over a decade as the law that nearly destroyed the online gaming market is under renewed pressure from the states.  Many states are looking to legalize and regulate online gaming and poker.

What Could He Possibly Have?

Every Hand Has Its Own Hidden Secrets

One of the aspects of the poker boom brought on by Chris Moneymaker’s win in 2003 is the great popularity of online video clips from tournaments around the world.  The hands presented there are extremely informative and well worth the time you might spend studying them.

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Online Poker is a boon to state coffers

Poker Online Can Be a Boon to States

In May 2018, the United States Supreme Court threw out a law from 1992 that had made sports betting illegal in 46 of the 50 states.  Since then, many advocates of legal online poker and gaming have renewed efforts to achieve that goal.  Still, the opposition remains strong as well.

Nuns caught with hands in church "cookie jar"

Stunning Saga of Nuns Gone Wild

Two nuns in Los Angeles stole about $500,000 from their church school to pay for gambling trips to Las Vegas.  The story has aspects in the area of responsible gaming.  By its nature, poker lends itself to responsible gaming more than other casino games.

More and more people are playing online poker.

Poker will enter a new "Golden Era" as online poker becomes legal in many places where it has not been legal. The United States will lead the way. The fifty states and their 330 million citizens await new laws that will make online poker legal.

Man drinking while playing poker

We all like to drink a little. We love parties with alcohol. We also know not to drive after we've had some drinks. We need to realize that the same good advice applies as well to playing poker: if you drink, don't play.

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Meet Six Poker Players to Watch For

We all relate to winners. When casino gamers look at the news, we often see a lot about poker - news about tournaments and news about the political side of gambling in general. We would like to see more about talented poker players just starting to become well-known.

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Veterans Day extra tournament

Celebrate Veterans Day with a special satellite tournament!

Halloween Bounce

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Special offer for our Australian poker players!

“It’s Not about the Money”

“You have to have ZERO respect for a dollar when you play tournament poker!”

Poker Blog Award

The Intertops Poker blog has been selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 100 Poker Blogs on the web.

Updates, Recaps and New Challenges

Wow, it’s really easy to slack on updating this blog!

Intertops at WSOP Milli Maker!

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by! Last year was my first World Series of Poker and it seems like just yesterday!

Repost: Staying Balanced at WSOP

Well our latest Intertops trip to Vegas has wrapped up and I’m settled back in Texas. Another awesome experience in the books.

How to grow your brain

Ever since I took the leap into playing poker full time and coming on to work with Intertops Poker, I’ve still tried to stay true to my fitness roots.

Interview with Tim O'Keefe

Check out the interview between Rikard Aberg and our sponsored pro player Tim O’Keefe.

More EPC Velden!

This week starts the last round of satellites in Intertops poker for EPC Velden!

Reliving the WSOP and Intertops Satellites!

It’s already May 2017! Where does the time go!? Seems like last years WSOP just happened!

viva las velden

If the bright lights of Vegas and this summer’s annual WSOP are a step too far for the average player, finding an alternative for your poker adventure might seem to be rather difficult – but there are a host of tournaments out there vying for your attention – and scanning the calendar, the European Poker Championships in Velden looks to be one of the best on offer.


To celebrate the official start of summer in America, Intertops Poker is giving players a chance to pick up an extra $50 in their Memorial Weekend Casino Quest. Players that hit a set of Blackjack and Video Poker hands collect an instant $50 bonus.

Intertops EPC Velden!

Get ready for another trip to Austria! Along with the “Milli Maker” WSOP satellites we are running, Intertops is also getting geared up for the aftermath of the World Series!

Shreveport and Fitness Fails!

Well the fitness challenge is off to a rocky start, but at least we’ve got some good poker to talk about!

Intertops to Partner with Betsoft Gaming

Intertops has signed a partnership deal with Betsoft Gaming, originators of the wildly popular Slots3™ product.

Fitness Challenge!

Reading back through some of these old blog posts has reminded me of how big a slacker I am!


As you already know from the last blog post, it wasn’t my year again at Seefeld this past February.

Seefeld’s Winter Poker Open!

Another great trip with Intertops has come and gone! The Winter Poker Championships (CAPT) in Seefeld, Austria!!

kickoff event, 200k GTD, of the WSOPc Choctaw

So like all poker player, I’ve been stuck re-living all the hands from the last time I played, both good and bad…ok mostly the bad.

Choctaw WSOP Circuit!

We kicked off the New year with a bang! Well poker wise anyway lol!

New year, new plan!

2017 is here! It’s time to reflect on the past year and plan ahead for the future.

The Online Poker Pregame Part 2

I thought with the new year coming tomorrow, this would be a good time to get this second part of the article finally out.

Poker in Paradise pt. 2

Writing the recap for this event is almost torture, as I look at all the pictures and think of the action, I wish we were still there!

PPC Aruba! Poker in Paradise!

Intertops hit another homerun this month at the 2016 PPC Aruba World Championship!

PokerAkademia Open presented by Intertops

Nine players started the final day of the €330 buy-in PokerAkademia Open presented by Intertops Poker on November 14.

PPC Aruba 2016 Tim Watts with Joane and Ahhley

Our man 'TheTrooper97' summed up the Aruba action in a nice little video.

PPC Aruba 2016

This is the last day in Aruba and today is also the final table of the PPC Aruba main event and one of the Intertops qualifiers is still in!

PPC Aruba 2016

Four players represent Intertops Poker at the PPC Aruba main event: Tim O'Keefe, John Curcuru, Ashley Hine and Joan Sandoval.

John, Ashley and Joan made their way to Aruba just by playing our $10 satellites and are now enjoying this amazing tropical island and the incredible live poker action!

PPC Aruba 2016

The main event of the tournament started today and even though it was a long day, it was a fun one!

PPC Aruba 2016

TheTrooper97 is in Aruba to report about the Intertops players who won a seat for the main event of the PPC 2016 in cooperation with PokerTube.Com.


The Tournament You Must Play This Winter

The Online Poker Pregame Part 1

Ahhh some nice relaxing time at home! I can finally kicked back and enjoy being at home, right!?

Winstar River Series!

We have made it full circle! Back to the Winstar River series and back to where it all began!

How fitness will boost your mental game


One of the basic reasons for making my blog,, was that the life of the traveling poker player makes staying healthy and fit very difficult!

Foxwoods poker tournament

OK so  it’s always good to have a plan, but as usual for me, plans never go the way they’re supposed to.

Tim O'Keefe

News from Poker Pro Tim O’Keefe

Lessons Learned from the WSOP!